Cracked heat exchanger releasing carbon monoxide

I am thankful to this day that my sister bought me a carbon monoxide detector for Christmas.

At first I hated the thought of such a practical gift.

It was ugly and pointless in my opinion. I still set it up because my sister insisted on it. Right away the detector started alerting me that I had dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. What is going on? After a bit of research I realized that the culprit was my furnace. I immediately got on the phone and called a Terrell, TX furnace repair company. I needed to have them resolve this problem right away. The Texas heating contractor came within the house, in-uniform, and wore foot coverings. He was so nice and friendly. The snag was that my heat exchanger actually had a crack in it. The crack then was releasing carbon monoxide into my home. Sadly the cost of a new heat exchanger is on par with a new furnace. So rather than do the furnace repair, I choose a replacement. The guy was great about working with me on pricing and getting me set up within the same business day. I ended up having a fully functional, brand new heater by the time 5 pm rolled around. The Terrell, Texas furnace business went above and beyond the call of duty. I was so thankful that my house is now safe and evenly heated. I can’t believe that I had dangerous gas rolling around my home. My sister is so smug that her gift worked and potentially saved my life. She will never let me live it down.

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